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This kind of derma roller is 600-pins micro-needle, the needle can rotate 360 ​​degrees,more convenient than ordinary microneedles, more flexible,no miss nose slit, the needles for medical stainless steel imported from Germany, the hardness intensity higher than normal needles! Handle color: white, black, transparent. Roll head color is red and dark blue. Derma Roller Length Size: 0.3mm 0.5mm 1.0mm 1.5mm Specifications Applications of Derma Roller: 1 wrinkle, whitening, freckle recommended 0.25mm --- 0.5mm derma roller. 2 get rid of stretch marks (orange peel pattern of thin lines) suggested 1mm - 1.5mm derma roller. 3 germinal treatment is recommended 1.5mm - 2.0mm derma roller. 4. remove redness, eye recommended 0.2-mm-0.3mm derma roller. 5 rosacea, concave scars, acne pits, scar repair is recommended 1mm - 1.5mm derma roller Ten derma roller therapy features: 1 does not destroy the integrity of the skin structure; 2 gradually remove the skin deep toxins and waste; 3 to establish a large number of skin micro pipeline, transportation basement beauty products; (takes only five minutes, you can create tens of thousands of ultra-microporous); 4 direct delivery of active ingredient required for optimal absorption into the skin location; unique nano-compounding the role of biological factors symptomatic and purposeful, the effect is significant, the product composition penetration rate than the general beauty products to improve hundreds of times; 5 irritate the skin healing ability, promote skin metabolism, maintain skin elasticity; 6 activated cells, repair damaged tissue, directly involved in cell metabolism, to wrinkle, lifting, whitening, anti-aging effect; 7 unique bio-active ingredients to enhance the promotion of cell-mediated immunity, slow down skin aging, long-term to keep the young state; 8 using natural healing wounds ability to induce the skin's own collagen nutrition and growth; 9 no side effects, efficacy significantly, safe and reliable, simple operation, non-invasive, also known as "lunch-style beauty"; 10. Safe natural, relaxed and easy, and instantly see the skin change. Rolling Frequency: 0.5mm: 2-3 times a week 1.0mm: Once a week 1.5mm: Once every two weeks if used lightly, once every 3-4 weeks if used more vigorously. 2.0mm: Once every five weeks Remember that collagen production takes several months of skin needling before you see any difference. Have patience and results will come. Derma Roller Operation Steps: 1, clean the parts which will be operated by derma roller(cleanser) 2, derma roller disinfection (with 75% ethanol or saline, UV etc). 3, treatment parts disinfection with sterile saline. 4, derma roller roll the treatment areas gently,each part of a "m" shaped rolling operation,the operator 8-15 minutes.Facial rolling sequence: forehead - right face - left face,Operation will be better if you have the conditions,you can drops freeze-dried powder or the Essence oil when you rolling. 5, after the rolling,about 30 minutes to complete,apply an ice mask on the treatment ares (Note: You can not wash with water)

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